No Artificial Flavors

No Artificial Colors

Fresh Clean Taste

No High Fructose Corn Syrup

Gluten Free

Natural Ingredients

SPOOKY Sriracha Bloody Mary - NEW February 2018!

The hits keep coming!  Bursting with the intense flavor of Sriracha and loaded with an abundance of other natural ingredients, all blended in perfect balance!

It's tangy, it's spicy, it's garlicky, with just a hint of sweetness......So Good!

Check out our newest creation, naturally it's just as impressive and delicious as our other 4 awesome Bloody mixes!

Now available in stores in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and soon coming to other states too.   Ask your favorite retailer to order some on your next visit!   Also available and ready to ship at our online store.

  • Real vodka, rum, tequila  (no wine or malt based liquor).
  • 7 oz. and 750ml Screw top plastic bottles.
  • 6.9% alcohol (1 shot per drink for awesome taste).
  • Convenient single serving or multiple serving sizes.
  • Perfect for tailgating, boat, beach, camping, golf, etc.


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SPOOKY Dill Pickle Bloody Mary

Award Winning Fan Favorite! 

Experience the delicious and zesty flavor of real dill pickle brine with a touch of horseradish and loads of other natural ingredients........WOW!
The flavor is complex and balanced like all of SPOOKY Bloody Mary mixes, so see what all the excitement is about!

Sold and served at many locations, but ask your favorite retailer to order some if they don't already sell it.  Check it out soon!  Order online if no retailers near you sell SPOOKY.  

NEW ITEMS - Sriracha Bloody MaryDill Pickle Bloody Mary

Welcome to SPOOKY Craft Cocktails!  We are family owned and operated, and truly appreciate your interest and support.

NATURAL FRESH CLEAN TASTE & PERFECT BALANCE is what we deliver in every awesome cocktail mix and Shake-N-Go craft cocktail (ready to-to-drink with real vodka, rum and tequila included).


NO - High Fructose Corn Syrup                                       NO - Artificial Flavors

NO - Gluten                                                                              NO - Artificial Color

NO -  MSG                                                                                 NO - Preservatives (Bloody Mary mixes)

Truly Unbeatable Flavor  /  Super-Premium Quality  /  Mainstream Prices! ......So Good It's SPOOKY!

Discover why so many fans say that SPOOKY sells the best tasting cocktail mixes ever produced!
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