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Voted Best Bloody Mary mix at countless major competitions...Platinum, Double Gold, Gold, 1st Place!

All Natural & Perfectly Balanced with Real Dill Pickle Brine, a touch of Horseradish, and more than 20 other awesome natural ingredients..... Zesty and Delicious! No need to search for pickle juice to doctor up another Bloody Mary mix. This is it, just mix in your vodka and garnish with your favorite goodies! Numerous Awards including 1st Place winner at Drunken Tomato Awards, Proof Awards, Bloody Mary Fest, Minnesota Monthly Grill Fest, and others. You be the judge, and Enjoy!!

NO - Gluten, Shellfish, Preservatives, High Fructose Corn Syrup, MSG, or Artificial Flavors.

Contains no alcohol.

Dill Pickle Bloody Mary Mix - 2pk - Shipping Included

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