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Fresh Natural flavor from Real Lime Juice, Real Spearmint, and Sugar, all mixed in perfect balance! Just add rum and you're done! A true Mojito except it's fast and easy to make! Add a splash of carbonated water if you like a bit of fizz. Coconut rum or other flavored rums are great too, or flavor it with our Strawberry mix or fresh fruit. If you already like Mojitos then you will probably love this one, and if you've never had a Mojito that left you wanting more then give ours a chance. Balanced and refreshing, and oh so good!

Makes an awesome Mint Julep too, just mix with your favorite bourbon!

NO - High Fructose Corn Syrup, Gluten, Artificial Flavor or Color. Just the good stuff!

Contains no alcohol.

Mojito - 2pk - Free Shipping

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