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SPOOKY - Private Label Capabilities

SPOOKY is an excellent and experienced private label partner, capable of satisfying any size requirement with our existing product line and an extensive list of superb special order items.  We have successfully and reliably satisfied the needs of large national chains with 1,000+ stores, and customers with small minimum order requirements (as low as 167 cases).   We can also work with you to quickly develop high quality custom products to meet your specific needs.  

Products available for private label:

  •        Cocktail Mixers - many unique premium non-alcoholic flavors in addition to our existing core line.
  •        Ready-To-Drink Craft Quality Cocktails with real vodka, rum, & tequila

                            - Friendly Bloody Mary                     - Horseradish Bloody Mary

                            - Agave Nectar Margarita                 - Mojito

                            - Rum Runner                                       - Strawberry Daiquiri

  •         Specialty Gourmet Sauces - the perfect Grilling Glaze, Marinade,  Hot Sauce, Dipping Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Condiment.

                            - Sweet Honey Hot Sauce

                            - Spicy Original Hot Sauce

                            - Hot & Spicy Sauce

SPOOKY is the proud supplier for multiple Aldi special buy promotions under the Mixade label, including tropical drink mixers and several Bloody Mary mixes.

Please email for product and pricing information, and become our next success store. 

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