SPOOKY is a family owned and operated home-grown business, with one family based in Minnesota and the other in Illinois.  Our mixers and Shake-N-Go craft cocktails are bottled in Illinois and Wisconsin.  We have deep Midwestern roots, and we are working hard to make our products available in many markets everywhere!  SPOOKY originally started in Eagan MN, and in 2013 Chris the original founder teamed up with Randy and Annamarie from Burr Ridge IL to expand our product line and distribution network.  We are constantly inspired by the enthusiastic fans who support our business!   

All SPOOKY cocktails are created by the owners, tinkering until we find the perfectly balanced and freshest tasting recipe using only great quality ingredients.   Originally SPOOKY offered a very unique and awesome trio of grilling glazes / hot sauces, which won many rib contests over consecutive years.  Later the original Bloody Mary was also born on the kitchen stove, and all of our other cocktails were created and refined at home searching for the perfect blend of real juices and other natural natural ingredients.  What can we say.........we REALLY enjoy what we do!  Our mission is simple......we will not sell anything unless we feel that it is without doubt the best and freshest tasting cocktail available anywhere, AND our prices will always be reasonable!

Most of all we are extremely grateful for our loyal fans who are helping us spread the word about our exciting young brand, as we make our products available to more people in more markets across the U.S.   THANK YOU!!

People everywhere overwhelmingly agree that our mixers and cocktails really are So good it's SPOOKY!

Wherever SPOOKY is sold we are totally committed to working with local business owners, and we are constantly looking for new ways to satisfy our existing fans and find new ones.  So, please contact us with any comments, questions or special requests, we would love to hear from you.

No Artificial Flavors

No Artificial Colors

Fresh Clean Taste

No High Fructose Corn Syrup

Gluten Free

Natural Ingredients